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Mini campers & off-road teardrop trailers
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Main activities of Trail Tracker are focused on manufacture of camper trailers and bodywork of any degree of complexity with various out-of-the-box solutions for business & tourism. Now you won’t have to experience any limitations when spending time outdoors away from home, as our motor homes, touristic camping teardrop trailers, off-road mini campers & truck campers for pickup vans offer you everything a modern person needs for comfortable life away from the urban bustle.

Teardrop Camper Trailer «NAVIGATOR» | Manufacture teardrop trailes by Laggar Pro | Russia

This off-road camper / touristic trailer is an enhanced version of a droplet trailer for short-term outdoor recreation.  The component package of the droplet trailer may be customized according to the customer’s needs. Not only can be the outfitting of the trailer changed, but also the dimensions of the camper.

There is always someone who needs more. More comfort, more space, more opportunities. We are ready to make an offer you’ll definitely like. We are pleased to present the «Navigator 2» project. This off-road trailer has incorporated all the best features of its younger brother «Navigator» — the same agile handling and power, and, together with that — extended living space and a completely new chassis design will allow you not to hamper yourself with large motor homes.

Travel Camper Trailer «NAVIGATOR 2» | Manufacture travel trailes by Laggar Pro | Russia

Off-road touristic camping trailer. «Cheglok» trailer has been created thanks to our customers’ wishes and interaction with them. This camper has incorporated a range of advantages of the «Navigator» model and a range of features of the «Pokoritel» trailer. The camper trailer turned out brutal and really suitable to Russian off-road conditions, with advanced technical features and comfort in our customers’ opinion. 

Off-Road Camper Trailer «CHEGLOCK» | Manufacture off-road trailes by Laggar Pro | Russia
TearDrop camper trailer Navigator

Individual approach

to each customer

Specializing in off-road campers, teardrop camper trailers

& mobile homes

Quality warranty for all

our camper trailers

Off-Road Travel Trailers & Teardrop Campers | «Laggar Pro» Manufacture

About us

«TRAIL TRACKER» - manufactures trailers for rest & business: caravans (campers), mobile restaurants (foodtrucks), makeup trailers, motor homes, built-in and detachable truck campers for pickup vans, motor homes, mini off-road campers & teardrop trailers, carrier trailers for motor/quadribikes and many other types of equipment. Manufacture and development of models in any version and for any purpose at a reasonable price!


Over 5 years in the mini campers, teardrop trailers | off-road trailers on motorhome market


Over 20 motor homes, detachable truck campers for pickup vans and car trailers are manufactured monthly


More than 80 % of motor homes and camper trailers are custom made at Trail Tracker

About company Laggar Pro
Off-Road Travel Trailers & Teardrop Campers | «Laggar Pro» Manufacture

Motor homes & off-road trailers | teardrop campers for rest & free travel

We design & manufacture a mobile home of any complexity

When our customers get a challenge they come to us, because they are sure that TRAIL TRACKER can offer solution for any task. We design layouts and ergonomic camper designs every day, make strength calculations, develop and produce noise-free power systems, life support and internal environment control systems. We are ready to create something which no one has ever done before.

Off-Road Travel Trailers & Teardrop Campers | «Laggar Pro» Manufacture


When creating something new, be it a motor home, a teardrop trailer or a off-road transformer trailer, we always care for the result which would satisfy the customer and work without any trouble

Производство прицепов капля, автодомов, дом на колесах, жилые модули на пикап, внедорожные прицепы кемперы от компании Лаггар Про


A fusion of ideas & experience forms the production of Trail Tracker. This is where the best car camper trailers, truck campers for pickup vans, car tents and other mobile solutions are created

Готовые решения для прицепов капля, автодомов, дом на колесах, жилые модули на пикап, внедорожные прицепы кемперы от производства Лаггар Про

Ready solutions

Design of noise-free power supply, water supply systems and SMART HOME control systems

Off-Road Travel Trailers & Teardrop Campers | «Laggar Pro» Manufacture

Our technologies

Our developments serve our customers reliably at any time & under all conditions

Teardrop trailers / campers & motor homes manufactured by our company are operated under various conditions which differ in climate zones and ambient temperature. Compliance with current TECHNOLOGIES and implementation of new ones allows us to solve such tasks as «floating» joints of parts and frame twist when driving across country, extremely low temperatures and rapid temperature changes, vibrations, concentrated smoke, providing independence,

safety & many other challenges.

Off-Road Travel Trailers & Teardrop Campers | «Laggar Pro» Manufacture


We understand that COMFORT is impossible without INDEPENDENCE. A good & comfortable camper kitchen always has a high demand in power and water, especially if equipped with a dish washer, two refrigerators, a washing machine, an oven, a TV, an electric cooker and a coffee machine. And certainly if this kitchen is just one of the several motor home rooms. 

Our company offers an efficient solution: you can start on a trip not leaving your home! This is what our off-road camper trailers are designed for! They would be of interest for those who need a mobile home which makes it possible to get behind the wheel & open up new horizons instead of making lists of things and packing suitcases for a trip. This is the purpose of the camper manufacturer «Trail Tracker» : to develop mobile homes & make the dream of every road conqueror come true!

Comfort & independence in your motor homes / camper trailers!

Our technologies
Off-Road Travel Trailers & Teardrop Campers | «Laggar Pro» Manufacture

How we create

mobile homes for you?


Task formulation

Project processing & task assignment

Mobile home

Teardrop trailer

Transformer trailer

Camper trailer

Procurement department

Engineering department


Value formation, work specification based on customer expectations

Preparing engineering documentation

Purchase of materials

Technical Check of individual units & materials


Finished product with quality assessment

Hand-over to the customer

Teardrop trailer & off-road campers

mobile home manufacture

We can make practically any upgrade & refitting of mobile homes, off-road campers, teardrop trailers, truck campers for pickup vans and vehicles (subject to re-registration). We elaborate layouts, design and engineering documentation ourselves. We are ready to bring all your boldest wishes to life!