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Design and engineering camper trailers
& caravans | motorhome

So that our clients can look into the future, we provide sketches or 3D models of the project at the stage of approval of the technical task

Development of mobile homes,
off-road camper trailers, teardrop trailers & modular modules for pickups

Design and engineering camper trailers & caravans | motorhome
Design and engineering camper trailers & caravans | motorhome
Design and engineering camper trailers & caravans | motorhome

Our clients are well aware that the creation of almost any complex on an automobile chassis is our strong point. At the same time, the purpose of the chassis and its classification does not matter to us. It all starts with a technical assignment, the elaboration of which we are happy to undertake. We are looking for completely new solutions, which allows us to create layouts that are different from each other, which in turn satisfy even the most stringent customer requirements.

When creating something new, whether it be a motorhome, off-road camper trailer, teardrop trailer or a residential module for a pickup truck - we always make sure that our result pleases the customer and serve him forever.

So that our partners can look into the future, we provide sketches or 3D models of the emerging project of a motorhome or any of the possible caravans at the stage of development and approval of the technical task.

Design and engineering camper trailers & caravans | motorhome

Design & Engineering
motorhomes, off-road camper vans, teardrop trailers, accommodation modules for pickups

Motorhomes, camper trailers, teardrop trailers, off-road transformer trailers, residential modules for pickups, light trailers for auto and motorcycle equipment, can be of various modifications. The design department of the Trail Tracker company has the opportunity to prepare an individual project, taking into account the entire list of the customer's wishes. We produce mobile homes and campervans on various chassis bases - GAZ, Kamaz, Ural, MAZ, ZIL, Mercedes, Volvo, etc. We will help you decide which design of the motorhome will be optimal in each specific case, we will offer the basic chassis, we will work out the layout, starting from the budget that is comfortable for you. Even the most non-standard requirements will be implemented at a high level.

Get the design of the motorhome project

Design your motorhome / teardrop trailer or off-rod camper with Trail Tracker

Fill out the form & we will contact you after your request is considered!

Off-road camper trailers | teardrop campers & autohomes for sale in Europe

Sale of camper trailers on wheels for travel from the "Trail Tracker" company. Prices for campers are inexpensive, because we are their manufacturer. Serial camper trailers Cheglok, Navigator and Navigator 2 are on sale.


The products we sell are appliances for life. We try to make it ergonomic, functional and at the same time affordable. The models are created and are being improved taking into account the requirements of the market and the category of the consumer, his financial capabilities and wishes.

For advice on the product of interest and the selection of the optimal option, please contact our sales department of motorhomes by mail The cost is calculated on the basis of the camper car model and its filling (standard package or extended with additional options at the customer's choice).

Our company offers a rational solution to the issue - to hit the road without leaving home! That's what our camper trailers on wheels are for! Selling them is relevant for those who need a mobile home and when, instead of making a list of things and packing for the road, you can just get behind the wheel and go to conquer new horizons. That's why there is a manufacturer of camper trailers "Trail Tracker": to develop, build motorhomes, campers and make every road conqueror's dream come true!

The following models of camper trailers, off-road trailers are available for sale:


  • the product has been tested and certified

  • equipped for long journeys

  • exceptional quality materials

  • increased living space for comfort and relaxation


  • classic design

  • smart travel ergonomics

  • attention to detail with responsibility to detail

  • safety proven by tests

Navigator 2

  • limitless off-road possibilities

  • classic design with a modern twist

  • quick access to all systems of the module

  • the embodiment of the most daring design decisions in life

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