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How our «Cheglock» off-road camper trailer came to be

For what, in its parameters, we put high ground clearance, wheels with high profile, a completely new layout scheme with the kitchen unit moved to the front and the spare wheel.

«Cheglock» off-road camper trailer from Laggar Pro

We've significantly redesigned the body, retaining a full living area and adding as many as three cargo compartments as well as a cargo area on the roof. The body has been significantly redesigned, retaining the full living area and adding three cargo compartments, as well as a cargo area on the roof. We had to work a lot on the frame and weight distribution to make it happen.

It took us three months to create and the further we went, the more we fell in love with what we were doing. Some decisions were not so easy. And with the kitchen unit, or more precisely with its drawers, we had to struggle. And it was worth it!

The appearance of a rectangular-shaped box, a full two-burner stove, a sink and a huge compressor refrigerator is at least surprising and inspiring to travel enthusiasts, seasoned hunters and fishermen.

Living area with a comfortable mattress two meters long and one and a half meters wide, with the possibility of transformation into a sofa, a folding table, TV, sound system and many nice little things fill the trailer with comfort and care for the owner, especially where it is far away from the boons of civilization.

We could talk for a long time about our new «Cheglock» camper trailer. After all, there are many technological subtleties left out of the text. The reinforced frame body clad in aluminum, the advantages of the power supply system and much more. But we want to tell you about the reaction that our customers experience when they first meet their «Cheglock».

We love watching enthusiastic men go around the trailer time after time, then step back in the distance and say: - "It's so much cooler than the picture!"

The same was true last Friday, when we were shipping another trailer to its lucky owner. It's worth working for and creating beautiful trailers. After all, our mission is not accidental: "We are working to make people's work easy and the rest comfortable. Our products are STEEL for LIFE!

See all the photos of the off-road camper trailer «Cheglock» -

«Cheglock» off-road camper trailer from Laggar Pro
«Cheglock» off-road camper trailer from Laggar Pro
«Cheglock» off-road camper trailer from Laggar Pro

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