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«Cheglok» off-road camper trailer

Обновлено: 17 февр. 2022 г.

We are always attentive to our customers and discuss with interest the experience of operating camper trailers of all makes and models. We need this in order to make our products even more convenient, more functional, more modern and appropriate, including in terms of design.

The «Cheglok» off-road camper trailer was born thanks to this very interaction. In the trailer camper «Cheglok» implemented a number of advantages, borrowed from the model «Navigator», as well as functionality from the trailer transformer «Conqueror».

Listening to the wishes of our customers, we have created a list of what should be embodied in a new model of camper trailer in demand among people involved in hunting, fishing and active tourism. One of the first points was trailer's appearance. It had to be made more "brutal".

The body's angular, severe shape came to the rescue. On the body of our off-road trailer there was a beveled rear overhang, which improved cross-country capability. And the upper part, thanks to the rectangular shape, allowed to increase the loading area on the roof (for the transportation of boats and equipment) and place in the body a full luggage compartment with sealed hatches.

In the «Cheglock» camper trailer, we had to solve the issue with the placement of the kitchen unit. That's where the concept of our Conqueror trailer-transformer came to the rescue. We made the kitchen retractable, and to keep the layout of the body (living quarters and trunk) its dimensional characteristics, we placed the kitchen in a separate box.

A frequently asked question about the presence and placement of the spare wheel is embodied in the rear of the camper trailer body. This improved performance and at the same time allowed to compensate for the weight characteristics by significantly improving the weight distribution of the trailer.

Not all the technical solutions and advantages of our new model of camper trailer «Cheglok» we have described.

«Cheglok» off-road camper trailer | Laggar Pro
«Cheglok» off-road camper trailer | Trail Tracker


If you want to know more about the functions and features of the camper trailer «CHEGLOCK», please contact our company specialists. More about our teardrop camper trailers on our website.

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