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жилые прицепы кемперы

  • Фото автораSergey Yudin

What should and can be proud of the production of camper trailers!?

We believe that the quality and reliability of our products and, of course, history. Our story is about this. A little over three years later, our client called us and asked to install the «Navigator» on the trailer - a solar panel and an autonomous heater. Of course we gladly agreed!

To see your brainchild after three years and several tens of thousands of kilometers is not only curious, but also important from the point of view of gaining experience. It is always important for us to know how our camper trailers behave in various situations, be it a public road, off-road, rocky climbs in the mountains, winter operation or driving in pouring rain.

It is this knowledge that enables us to make our camper trailers even more practical and reliable. We tell you about all this in our short video, which also contains footage courtesy of the owner of the camper trailer. It was doubly pleasant to hear from this person that our camper trailer all these years gave unforgettable impressions, comfort and freedom of movement during every trip.


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