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Start of production of the new travel camper trailer teardrop «Navigator 2»

Our world is designed in such a way that absolutely everything in it is in constant motion and doomed to change.

Nature, cities and we ourselves change our appearance and shape under the influence not only of time, but also for the sake of other factors. Fashion trends, changes in tastes and habits create in us an irrepressible desire to change, to become stylish, bright and noticeable. To stand out from the crowd, people change their hairstyles, grow their hair and beards, and wear bright clothes. Then comes a period of inner transformation as well.

Friends, it's time to change and our firstborn. For all the time that the drop trailers «Navigator 2» were produced, they have gone through the fire of a hot climate, water and salty air of the sea and "copper pipes" of roads of Russia and neighboring countries.

Thanks to all these tests, our trailers have been modernized, improved and became better, better quality and more reliable. It's time to create a receiver that embodies all of this best.

We announce the start of production of the new residential camper trailer teardrop «Navigator 2»

Its body has become more brutal thanks to its angular forms. Its basic equipment already includes metal rails for transportation and load securing. The camper has also acquired metal wheel arches with integrated steps and new optics.

This is not all the external changes in the new «Navigator 2» camper trailer model. Serious improvements have been made to the design of the trailer. The lid of the kitchen compartment has been completely modernized, as well as its sealing, and the new design of the door has been implemented. The lighting of the living module became even brighter and richer, illuminating the entire outline of the ceiling, and the shelf has an additional soft headrest and spotlight for reading.

In addition, there are plans to expand the list of options. We want to add more comfort for you.

Trailer teardrop camper «Navigator 2» by Laggar Pro

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