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The new camper travel trailer from «Laggar Pro»

We are glad to inform you that the new travel trailer finally came out of our production gates. The prototype for this trailer was the American Patriot. We decided that it must be added to our lineup.

But to this day, the trailer has no name. Therefore, we decided to organize a contest for the best name for this beauty.

The rules for participation are simple:

  • You need to be a subscriber to our Instagram | Vkontakte | YouTube pages

  • re-post the publication to your account (site / wall in Vkontakte or Facebook / Instagram feed or stories) and offer your version of the name for the new trailer

The winner will receive a 15% discount on the purchase of any of our trailers

There is no deadline for the contest, we will complete it as soon as we decide on a suitable name, or come up with one ourselves :)

There will be a review of this trailer on our YouTube channel soon. Stay tuned!

Туристический прицеп кемпер от Лаггар Про
Travel camper trailer from «Laggar Pro»
Туристический прицеп кемпер от Лаггар Про
Travel camper trailer from «Laggar Pro»

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