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жилые прицепы кемперы

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Traveling to Elbrus with off-road camper trailers «Chegloсk» 🗻

We thank our customers for the video feedback!

We made this trailer in 2020. It took much longer to produce it than any other serial trailer manufactured by our company. And the reason for this was the many wishes of the Customer, in the form of additional equipment.

In this camper trailer, we have implemented for the first time: an additional tank for transporting and storing fuel with a pumping system (for long trips), a mobile microwave oven, a multicooker, mounts for various tools, a luggage box in body color, a locker, niches for shoes, double shock absorbers and much more.

Thanks to this, the list of optional equipment for our trailers has been significantly expanded. Honestly, the running tests of this rather loaded specimen also taught us a lot. And now, in the case of the production of such models, taking into account their load and operating conditions, we supply reinforced axles and hubs. And also we have significantly reworked the elements of fastening the axle to the suspension.

Such modernization is possible only when, and after purchasing a camper trailer, our Customers continue to keep in touch with us and share with us their travel impressions.

After a while, we received from the owner of this trailer a wonderful film about climbing Elbrus. It was carried out by a whole group of people. Several families have driven thousands of kilometers in their cars. Of these, several tens of kilometers ran through places where there were no roads - rocky soil, steep slopes with narrow bends and many more obstacles.

Our off-road camper trailer has passed these tests with dignity and provided its owners with excellent living conditions for rest.


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