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  • Sergey Yudin

Video review of the «Cheglock» off-road camper trailer

Dear friends, we noticed that in the last few months the number of letters and phone calls with questions about the «Cheglock» off-road camper trailer has increased significantly.

We are very happy that one of our trailers has its own audience! At the same time, it's a shame that with all the production work, we completely missed the informational component of this project.

And indeed, while we were setting up production processes to improve quality and meet demand, presentations and reviews of the «Cheglock» off-road camper trailer were never made publicly available.

Today we begin to correct that mistake!

Not so long ago, another «Cheglock» camper trailer came out of our production gates. At the customer's request, we independently carried out the registration of this trailer in the traffic police and in between these events we had a pause for a short video review of this trailer.

Leave your comments on what you would like to change / add to the design and equipment camper.

Video review of the «Cheglock» off-road camper trailer. Part 1

Video review of the «Cheglock» off-road camper trailer. Part 2


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