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Video review of the new off-road camper trailer from «Laggar Pro»

Greetings friends, here's a video review of the new off-road trailer from Laggar Pro.

The off-road trailer is designed for active tourism / outdoor recreation with family, fishing or hunting with friends. Your vacation is now possible not only in warm conditions, but also in more severe ones.

In the front of the camper trailer there is a large, sealed locker for storing and transporting various things. In the locker there is a fuel tank for a 2 kW Webasto air heater. The wiring to the trailer tent as well as to the rest area under the awning is made. There is also an additional large compartment with lighting of the whole perimeter and a rail for fastening cargo (for transportation of bulky things). This compartment has a gas tank / compartment light switches and general trailer power.

On the right and left side of the camper trailer there are compartments with a hinged lid. This provides space for various items / crockery / food or any other optional equipment. In the recess there are also switches for lighting of the compartments and for switching the air direction of the heating system.

At the back of the off-road camper trailer there is a large compartment for transporting boats / tents and other bulky loads. The length of the compartment is 1.5 m. - width 60 cm. And two small technical compartments for storing small items. The kitchen block in this camper trailer is a construction with lighting, which can withstand a load of 40 kg. It has a refrigerator/gas stove unit with drawers for kitchen appliances and a small sink with water supply. This trailer is equipped with a heated water tank function for use in harsh conditions. The capacity of the tank is about 42 liters.

The off-road trailer is equipped with a combined awning with hinged sides, which covers the entire perimeter of the camper (the awning is 2.5 m outreach). The awning has been re-stitched and adapted individually for this trailer model and equipped with lighting along the entire perimeter. The lifting mechanism of the awning is designed and realized in our production especially for this camper trailer.

The camper trailer is made on an off-road chassis. Ground clearance / clearance of about 500 mm. Reinforced 7-leaf springs + reinforced hubs are installed. Has two parking stops. All optics are imported and made to order for our trailers. The body is made of 3mm steel. The perimeter of the trailer is equipped with additional lighting.

Dimensions of the trailer: Length - 2.5 m. | width - 1.5 m.

The weight of the trailer is up to 750 kg.

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