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  • Sergey Yudin

Video review of the updated teardrop camper trailer «Navigator»

We didn't notice how fast the two years flew by since we published our «Navigator» teardrop camper trailer review on the web. Numerous photos and short videos that we periodically present to your attention do not give the full picture.

And what is more, if you compare these materials with the camper trailer presented in that review, you can find a large number of differences. This includes details of the body, frame, interior and the equipment itself. That's what prompted us to shoot a new review of the updated «Navigator» teardrop camper trailer.

We mercilessly cut out some of the footage in order to shorten the timeline. 😅 But in spite of this the video review turned out to be thirty minutes long. But as the saying goes - "You can't take words out of my mouth". Enjoy the show friends!

P.S. As we wrote above, much was left behind the scenes and if you have after viewing questions regarding the configuration, construction and so on. Visit our website laggar-campers.com, leave a request and we will contact you!


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