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Video with our off-road camper trailer «Navigator 2»

Обновлено: 9 янв. 2022 г.

This is the first official video of our company of this off-road camper trailers «Navigator 2». Yes, it so happens that the camper trailer itself appears first. And only more than a year later - a short overview video from the company. Therefore, we want to tell you how «Navigator 2» appeared.

A little over a year ago, our company produced two models of serial camper trailers - «Navigator» (teardrop) and «Cheglock». At that moment, a man from the city of Ufa approached us and shared his thoughts on how he sees his future camper.

He really liked the layout of the living area and the kitchen block of the «Navigator» camper trailer and the angular, as he put it: - Brutal", «Cheglok» forms. And he suggested that we "cross" these two trailers. So in one evening a sketch of the «Navigator 2» off-road camper trailer appeared. A week later, the development and production of our third production model began.

This camper trailer has become very popular. Indeed, it attracts with its shape, two rows of beautiful LED headlights, powerful wheel arches and roof rails.

Friends, what do you say? Which body would you choose?

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Off-road camper trailer Navigator 2 video from Laggar Pro
Off-road camper trailer Navigator 2 video from Laggar Pro

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