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Where to buy a teardrop camper trailer for traveling with your family?

The modern full-fledged travel teardrop camper trailer is an improved version of camper trailers for short-term outdoor recreation.

A typical tourist camper trailer, even in the smallest configuration, contains everything you need for a good rest, including a variety of transforming furniture, autonomous water supply, places for cooking and storage facilities, as well as other household needs - from a dry closet to a shower. The maximum options assume the presence of:

• several compartments (residential, sleeping, kitchen, auxiliary);

• all types of furniture - from lockers and beds to tables, chairs and armchairs;

• gas stove with hood, stainless steel sink, portable dry closet, shower;

• compartment for gas cylinders;

• audio and video systems, internet, satellite TV.

In addition, the travel teardrop camper trailer has reinforced springs, shock absorbers, floor and glazing, a large supply of clean water and fuel, autonomous electricity and water supply, a heater with the function of evenly distributing warm air throughout the cabin and many other little things that are necessary on a long journey. Depending on the need, the complete set of the trailer can be designed for two, four and six people.

Teardrop camper trailer Navigator for travel from Laggar Pro
Teardrop camper trailer Navigator for travel from Laggar Pro

We offer mobile home trailers for tourism and work in an individual configuration on order. These can be small motorhomes on wheels or roomy ones.

Our production facilities are ready for anything: for one customer it is important to get a camper for long-distance trips, for another it is important to take an office with you and be in touch 24/7 with business partners, the third is fundamentally the availability of technology: smart gadgets, TV and etc. We will easily expand the package of standard solutions for a camper trailer, supplement the layout, add the necessary options.

Three main camper trailers are now available. To determine which camper trailer is right for you, please take a look at the photo and video reviews of the «Navigator», «Navigator 2» and «Cheglock». Regardless of the model chosen (a mini camper trailer or a spacious one for large companies), all of them are designed with technological systems of power supply, life support and microclimate. Maximum comfort is fundamental for our customer, because on the road to be without hesitation and inconvenience!


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