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Production of motor homes & off-road travel trailers | Laggar Pro | Russia

Manufacture of camper trailers & mobile home Trail Tracker

To let our customers look into the future, we provide sketches or 3D models as we negotiate the requirements specifications

Manufacturing camping trailers
teardrop campers & motor homes

Production of motor homes & off-road travel trailers | Laggar Pro | Russia
Production of motor homes & off-road travel trailers | Laggar Pro | Russia

Production is an all-encompassing concept for Laggar, as it includes people, talent, love, experience, walls, support, knowledge. This production gives birth to new motorhomes, teardrop trailers, accommodation modules for pickup trucks, off-road camping trailers, food trucks, shopping trailers made specifically for you. Ranging from a practical and ascetic interior of a reliable military complex to an elegantly decorated new motorhome — all by «Trail Tracker»

A fusion of ideas and our experience forms Trail Tracker production.  This is where our ideas are perfected, tested for endurance and implemented in the best way. We bring to life your most impossible tasks!

Our production is all about creation and learning, that’s why we offer the best motor homes, mobile homes, off-road camping trailers, teardrop trailers, accommodation modules for pickup trucks and all possible mobile solutions.

Production of motor homes & off-road travel trailers | Laggar Pro | Russia
Production of motor homes & off-road travel trailers | Laggar Pro | Russia

Production of campers, teardrop trailers, accommodation modules for pickup trucks Trail Tracker

One of our company’s business lines is production of motorhomes, mobile homes based on all-wheel drive motor vans, off-road camping trailers for recreation, light teardrop camping trailers, shopping trailers, food trucks, light trailers for cars and motor transport. You can rely on motorhomes by «Trail Tracker» when you plan tourist trips to various parts of Russia or picnics during week-ends. We produce mobile homes with all the accommodations necessary for active rest.

mobile home from Laggar Pro

Design your own mobile home with the Trail Tracker

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Mobile home: buy a camper trailer manufactured in Russia

Our company offers you to buy a mobile home or a camper (trailer) produced in Russia. We design, manufacture and sell mobile homes for memorable road trips – with comfort, convenience and pleasant new experiences. We offer our clients an opportunity to take to the road with all the things needed, in their own trailer, no matter how complicated and long their trip will be! Buying a mobile home is a chance to take the things you got used to and set off on a journey. Instead of carefully selecting only indispensable items, preparing them, packing, checking and inspecting, it’s better to take all familiar and needed things in your spacious mobile home and never bother that you forget or lose anything. This is common for air travels or railroad journeys, where packing baggage, registering it and receiving upon arrival will be often associated with troubles. Your mobile home (trailer) will accommodate the main things and small items, and you don’t need to worry that you lose them.

We offer trailers for tourism and work, in a custom configuration, made to order. These may include small or spacious mobile homes. Our production capacities can cope with anything: while one customer needs a camper for long-distance trips, another wants to take along a work-room, to stay in touch with business partners 24/7, yet another can’t do without equipment; smart gadgets, TV, so on. With no trouble, we’ll expand our standard solutions for a mobile home-camper, enhance the layout, add the required options.

At the moment, three basic models of a “mobile home” trailer are available. The photos of Navigator, Navigator 2 and Cheglok offer you interior and exterior views, so that the customer decides which mobile home is the most suitable option. Regardless of the model selected (a small mobile home or a spacious one, for big companies), they all come with designed workable power, life support and internal environment systems. Maximum comfort is of principle for our customers, since everyone wants to avoid restraints and discomfort on the road.

You have several options if you want to buy a mobile home at an affordable price: order your trailer in Russia (from a Russian manufacturer) or in China, trying to save money. Is it worth it, endangering the safety and health of travellers as you buy cheap mobile homes of questionable quality, when there is a qualified, reliable Russian manufacturer?  We create something that no other company offered before, so when a customer brings a task to us, it’s clear in advance that we are going to find a solution together. Our completed solutions are always well-judged, well-configured, ergonomic and functional. Moreover, we can sell you a mobile home with a trailer in any configuration. Models can be customized, i.e. made for particular tasks.  We design and manufacture step by step, with the customer’s approval:

  • perform stress calculations,

  • integrate workable power systems,

  • implement life support and internal environment functions.

Our goal is to make a vehicle for life, exciting journeys, recreation far from the city noise and fuss. At the same time, it has all the blessings of civilization that modern people got used to! We design and implement orders to give our customers 100% comfort during travels. A personal mobile home, as in the picture on our website, has everything one needs for a comfortable life on the road, far from a familiar town residence. The price of a mobile home is calculated based on the model selected and the additional retrofitting (if required). 

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