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Off-road travel mini camper trailersProduction of «Trail Tracker» campers

Order «Navigator 2» off-road camper trailer or request a customized teardrop trailer

Teardrop camper trailer Navigator

Camping trailer for travels, recreation, fishing & hunting

Travel Camper Trailer «NAVIGATOR 2» | Manufacture travel trailes by Laggar Pro | Russia

There is always someone who needs a little more. More comfort, more space, more opportunities - meet «NAVIGATOR 2»! This trailer has incorporated all the best features of its younger brother Navigator — it’s equally mobile and powerful, while its expanded living space and a completely new chassis design will save you from messing around with large motor homes.

Off-road mini camper trailer

Travel Camper Trailer «NAVIGATOR 2» | Manufacture travel trailes by Laggar Pro | Russia

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Video of off-road camper trailer Navigator 2

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Travel Camper Trailer «NAVIGATOR 2» | Manufacture travel trailes by Laggar Pro | Russia

✓ Reinforced body (with insulation & featuring composite aluminium panels)

PU compound is used as the body finish coating, the customer picks the colour (Raptor)

✓ Decorative aluminium mouldings (varnish coating) with stainless steel screws

✓ Body bottom protection

✓ Optics:

  • Upper parking lights (white / red) LED,

  • Side marker lights (orange) LED,

  • Main rear lights 2 pcs. (Brake light, side lights, turn signal,reversing light),

  • Fog light,

  • LED license plate light,

  • LED side marker lights "type horn" (red / white)

✓ Mud flaps with triangle type reflectors

✓ External LED illumination (near-door space)

✓ Metal-framed wheel arches with aluminum cladding

✓ Hermetic kitchen module cover with an automobile crossbar lock

✓ 7-litre expedition jerry can, secured on the left side (suitable for water, fuel)

✓ Accommodation module door:

  • door with plastic paneling with car lock,

  • car window with a ventilating wing,

  • door opening with automobile weather strips,

  • visor over the doorway.


✓ Boxes for personal belongings with facades (facade finishing at the customer's choice)

✓ Treatment of the inner surfaces of boxes with yacht varnish

✓ Interior lining with artificial leather with stitching (color at the customer's choice)

✓ Floor covering (carpet)

✓ Interior LED lighting along the perimeter of the passenger compartment

✓ Sleeping berth 2000 х 1460 mm

✓ 3-in-1 mattress (convertible - sofa, mattress, folded under the cargo transportation boxes)

✓ Ventilation hatch with built-in mosquito net (Italy)

✓ Control panel:

  • lighting control of the residential module,

  • lighting control of the space around the door,

  • USB charger socket with an on-board system voltage indicator


✓ Traction battery AGM 60 a \ h with bracket

✓ Smart charger (automatic)

✓ Car socket for connection to an external 220V network (right side)

✓ Extension adaptor for connecting an external network

✓ Fuse box

✓ Wire harness


✓ HPL plastic worktop

✓ Boxes for storing and transporting food and dishes with facades (facade finishing at the customer's choice)

✓ Baggage compartments with covers

✓ Technical compartment

✓ Kitchen LED illumination

✓ Water supply system (faucet, sink, stainless steel tank 45l.)

✓ Control panel:

  • kitchen module illumination control,

  • trailer 12V power switch,

  • USB charger socket with an on-board system voltage indicator.

The basic equipment already includes a chassis with leaf spring suspension


✓ Reinforced frame (3mm metal)

✓ Frame treatment: hot zinc/zinc-containing primer

✓ Wheels R 14 (stamped rims with hubcaps)

✓ Connector for car connection 13 PIN

✓ Springs (max load 1200 kg.)

✓ Support wheel d40

✓ Wire harness

✓ Hub 98 х 4

* The basic equipment already includes an insulated, reinforced body with a comfortable interior and a ventilated camper hatch

Complete configuration price available on request. Leave your requests at our website, or write to

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«Navigator 2» teardrop trailer basic configuration & price

Travel Camper Trailer «NAVIGATOR 2» | Manufacture travel trailes by Laggar Pro | Russia

Capabilities of the camper trailer «Navigator 2»

The accommodation module of the teardrop trailer is encased for warmth-keeping, and the floor structure is additionally insulated with an air space, thanks to transportation compartments – the off-road camper trailer can be used all year round. Recommended operating temperature – down to -10 С*, but comfortable operation is possible at lower temperatures subject to installation of an autonomous heater with a built-in tank. Like its brothers, «NAVIGATOR 2» teardrop trailer weighs under 750 kg when fully equipped. Therefore, the camping trailer can be used by a driver with an LMV driving license (“B” category), even coupled with a passenger car.

Travel Camper Trailer «NAVIGATOR 2» | Manufacture travel trailes by Laggar Pro | Russia

What chassis should select for a off-road camper trailers?

A off-road trailer chassis plays an important role. Chassis reliability, stability, load capacity, energy intensity – all these parameters have a direct impact on the entire life span of the trailer and the integrity of its contents and equipment. That’s why we selected the chassis for the «NAVIGATOR 2» teardrop camping trailer while developing the design documentation for its production. Among many manufacturers, we looked for the one with great attention to details. By asking many questions and visiting one manufacturer after another, we kept looking for the one to ensure quality welding of structures, observe the quality of paint and electrolytic coating, and, most importantly, produce an independent lever suspension. Finally, we found a reliable manufacturer of the chassis serving as the base for our trailers.

Additional chassis features for camper trailers

Off-road trailer camper teardrop Navigator 2 | Laggar Pro

✓ Independent suspension on "A" -shaped levers

✓ Reinforced spring block (seven sheets)

✓ Reinforced hub 139.7 x 5 Knott

✓ Adapter spacers for wheels (provide interchangeability of wheels with a car)

✓ Dual shock absorbers

✓ Reinforced support wheel

✓ Brake system (overrun inertial brake) Germany

✓ Wheel set R16 (stamped OFF ROAD wheels, tires) INCLUDED REINFORCED HUBS INCLUDED (except independent suspension)

The chassis of our trailers differ significantly in all respects from the serial ones.

The first is, of course, the metal itself. Steel 3 mm thick, easily takes on all the loads from the road, even at speeds and even where these very roads are not.

The second advantage is engineering solutions. The chassis frame has many reinforcing elements in its structure, as well as technological cutouts, which simultaneously lighten the weight of the frame and at the same time increase the number of stiffeners.

The third is the possibility of upgrading the chassis. Our chassis can be customized according to your needs. Tanks of various capacities, dual shock absorbers, hubs with a brake system, various types of suspensions and much more can be installed on the chassis.

Optional features for a «Navigator 2» off-road camper trailer

Extra comfort in the kitchen area:

✓ Shower

✓ Shower tent (awning type)

✓ Refrigerator 24L. (portable PRC)

✓ Refrigerator 20L. (portable compressor PRC)

✓ Built-in gas stove Turkey (cylinder 5 l.)

✓ Single-burner stove Germany (cylinder 5l.)

✓ Removable table on board

Travel Camper Trailer «NAVIGATOR 2» | Manufacture travel trailes by Laggar Pro | Russia
Travel Camper Trailer «NAVIGATOR 2» | Manufacture travel trailes by Laggar Pro | Russia

Extra comfort in the accommodation module

✓ Louver shutter mosquito net with aluminium guide rails

✓ Built-in roller blinds with mosquito net 2in1

✓ Additional door for the left side (window with a ventilating wing, lock)

✓ Extendable table (small)

✓ Roof hatch with a fan and a mosquito net

✓ Audio system

✓ 15” TV set with a mounting bracket

✓ Autonomous heater 2 kW. (tank + minimum level sensor)

✓ Clothes nets and hooks on both sides

Improved mattress (mattress with stitching throughout surface, orthopedic filler)

✓ Front handles (living / kitchen areas) made of aluminum

Auxiliary power supply

✓ Reinforced battery 75A / h

✓ Inverter 12-220 V 800W. (the set includes 220V sockets)

✓ Inverter 12-220 V 2000W. (the set includes 220V sockets)

✓ Trailer battery recharging during movement (without car modification)

✓ Solar panels 100W (with battery charge controller)

✓ Solar panels 200W (two panels with a battery charge controller)

Exterior | SPTA

✓ Additional application of decorative images

✓ Additional reinforcement of the sides (sheathing of the right and left sides composite aluminum)

✓ Bracket with expedition canister on board (7l.)

✓ Bracket with expedition canister on board (17 l.)

✓ Protective canopy "Marquis" straight 2.5 m.

✓ Protective canopy "Marquis" combined / fan

✓ Set of removable sides for protective canopy

✓ Sealed locker in body style

✓ Shoe niche with lid (aluminum)

✓ Parking stop jacks

✓ Spare wheel bracket with chassis drawbar attachment

Travel Camper Trailer «NAVIGATOR 2» | Manufacture travel trailes by Laggar Pro | Russia
Travel Camper Trailer «NAVIGATOR 2» | Manufacture travel trailes by Laggar Pro | Russia

Production of off-road camper trailers «Trail Tracker»

Production of teardrop camper trailers in Russia by Laggar Pro

Ready to create your teardrop camping trailer with Trail Tracker?

Fill out the form & we will contact you after your request is considered!

Travel Camper Trailer «NAVIGATOR 2» | Manufacture travel trailes by Laggar Pro | Russia


1.       What is the operating temperature range for your camping trailers?

The temperature range of the camping trailer itself (i.e., the body, main parts and chassis) – from -25 to +40°C. If you are interested in operation with regard to living, the motorhome trailer features an insulated body. The ceiling and the floor of the body feature reinforced insulation, so that their thickness is up to 45 mm. Also, optionally, the motorhome camper can be equipped with an independent heating system. It uses diesel fuel, has its own tank, control panel in the living area, and everything that is necessary for autonomous operation, without other power sources. Also, the heating system may be designed either for moderate climate - 2KW, or for severe winter conditions - 5KW.

2.       How long does it take to make a camper? Are there any remote order/payment options?

The time required to make a camper depends on its configuration, but should not be more than 30-40 working days (this provision shall be specified in the contract, along with all the rest). Remote order procedure:

  • Negotiating the trailer configuration and final price;

  • Drawing up a contract and camper specifications (the specification must include the complete list of equipment, terms and shipping date, price and payment terms (70% advance payment, 30% final payment after accepting the finished trailer);

  • As soon as the advance is paid, production starts. At a certain stage, when the body is assembled and the chassis arrives, we send a photo of the camper to the client, to get an idea of the process. Besides, the colour of the trailer and the living area can be negotiated in the process. Weight distribution (load on the coupling unit) is calculated individually for each camping trailer depending on its load and configuration;

  • Upon trailer acceptance (our customers can accept the trailer at our premises in person, or remotely, using video communication) we draw up a certificate, hand over the Vehicle Certificate of Title, other documents and the trailer to the owner. When shipping via a freight forwarder, we assist in selecting a carrier, pack the trailer and help with its loading and fastening.

3.       Does the camper basic set and equipment price include VAT?

The price does not include VAT. If you are in a CIS country, the price stays the same even when you pay for the camping trailer via bank transfer. Yet, when you purchase a trailer via bank transfer as a legal person registered in the Russian Federation, the price is increased by the amount of VAT.



4.       Do your teardrop camper trailers have water heating systems?

All water heating systems used in campers/motor homes either burn diesel fuel (such systems, however, are quite bulky), or use electric power (such systems require large amounts of electricity) - THEREFORE these systems are not used in small campers; instead, portable gas-burning flow-type calorifiers are employed. In other words, the water pumped into the calorifier from the tank or a water body is heated by burning gas.

5.       Does the basic set have a sink? How is sewage water drained/accumulated?

The basic camper trailer kitchen includes a sink, a faucet, a pump, a tank, a filler neck, etc. The water is drained directly onto the ground. When operated in Europe, a bucket is used, or an additional grey water tank is installed.


6.       What’s the point of frame hot zinc plating? What are the advantages?

Hot zinc provides a very durable coating and anti-corrosion protection. In the USSR, it was mainly used in the military industry, so there are very few plants nowadays that are capable of producing it.


7.       What’s the main point of the support wheel swinging bracket option?

If Cheglok camper trailer is concerned, the swinging bracket is just a bracket where the spare wheel is mounted and carried, and it is made swinging to provide access to the baggage compartment when parked.


8.       How much does the additional chest increase the total dimensions of the camper trailer?

Overall dimensions stay the same, because the chest is mounted on the gooseneck. Still, it changes weight distribution, so when a chest is mounted, we shift the trailer axis forward. The chest is popular among people who carry folding tables and chairs with them - it suits this purpose perfectly.


9.        Can you make shoe compartments in a camper trailer?

Shoe compartments are located in the trailer footboards - below the detachable step. Please see the photo of the blue Cheglok equipped with this option.


10.      Can I put up a car tent onto the roof of the camping trailer?

A car tent with two adults weighs over 170 kg, therefore, to place it on the trailer, the body must be reinforced, and you will need stability jacks to secure it. All these parameters can be calculated and included into the order.

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